Bobby Peru Recording was founded by Shane Olivo in his grandfather’s basement on the south side of Milwaukee in 1995. Armed only with an 8-track tape recorder, and a pile of cheap microphones, stands, and cables, Shane spent his first few years recording his friends’ punk and hardcore bands for a few bucks per song. He named his new operation Bobby Peru Recording, after the “deep sound” created by the character of the same name in David Lynch’s 1990 film, Wild At Heart.

As years and months went by, word spread about BPR, and home recording technology became more affordable. With a pile of money he had little idea how to use, Olivo began buying up vintage gear from second-hand music stores around Milwaukee and Chicago, amassing a formidable collection of vintage equipment that came to document much ofsince 1995 the Milwaukee area’s independent music scene in the late ‘90s and early-aughts. But by 2013, Shane had outgrown the only “office” he’d ever worked in, moving to set up shop in the space formerly named Radix, and New Horizons.

With a more flexible-sounding live room, and more than four times the space, the studio now plays host to musicians ranging from hip-hop to black metal to 20-piece big band, though we’re most commonly graced by rock music of all varieties. We like every genre though – you’ll notice if you ever visit.

Call us any time to check out the space. We make great tea.