Bobby Peru Recording is owned and operated by Shane Olivo, Nick Schubert, and Nick Woods. Between us, we have more than 70 years of experience playing music with our own projects. We work as a team to ensure every session runs efficiently, and that you’re completely satisfied with your experience here.


Shane’s been in one band or another since he was 13, and began recording music on his own after five years. A college identity crisis and two decades later, Shane has had a hand in producing more than a thousand records, many of which helped launch the careers of some of Milwaukee and Chicago’s most well-known musicians. Shane is a technology buff, never lifting his ear from the ground in his pursuit of new tools and techniques that make quality sound a realistic goal for any musician on any budget. When he’s not running sessions, he spends his time practicing tai chi, and watching sci-fi movies. His tea-brewing skills are also top-notch.



A 2010 graduate of The McNally-Smith College of Music with a degree in music engineering, Nick is the ‘educated voice’ in our studio. Experienced in a full range of digital sound production, our more electronically-oriented and experimental clients often turn to him for advice on synthesized tones, samples, and beats. Nick also assists during more traditional sessions, and runs his own when Shane’s out of town. Outside of BPR, he plays keyboard and mans laptop duties for Boy Blue – one of Milwaukee’s most successful pop ensembles.



When you make the call to set up a session at our space, Woods’s will be the first friendly (and loud) voice you hear on the other end of the phone. A Bobby Peru stalwart who’s made more than a dozen of his own records with Shane and Nick, he knows how the most successful sessions have gone here, and how to most-wisely invest your time and resources to make the best release possible. A classically-trained violinist, and an enthusiastic personality in the Midwest music scene since he first picked up a guitar at age 12, Woods can lend a hand in helping you plan your experience here from first contact, until the moment your masters are delivered. Ask about his band, Direct Hit, or his feelings on French horror movies if you’ve got an hour or seven.





Danny Walkowiak – Studio Drummer
If you’re a solo artist in need of some extra backbone, or just a steadier rhythm on a song or two, Danny’s the man to call. Merging punk rock’s energy with the technical proficiency gained by more than a decade of jazz training, he’s available to drive your album, EP, or single just the way you want it.

Shannon Brown Mattner – Studio Assistant
You might see Shannon around our place when you’re here – She helps keep the studio sanitary – and our staff and clients sane – and plans and coordinates events in our space when we have downtime. She also knows the best places to eat and drink around the city, the best movies to play in the lounge, and the best ways to get cats to do tricks. Ask her, she’ll let you know.