What are your rates?
Depends on the project. Typically, sessions here cost $45/hour with Shane manning the board. However, we also offer a flat rate of $3,000 for a 2-week block that includes tracking, editing, mixing, and mastering – Most well-rehearsed, independent musicians we work with find that’s the perfect package to produce a full-length album, since it eliminates the need to keep an eye on the clock, and makes everyone more comfortable experimenting to get the best sound possible. If you have your own producer, engineer, or other personnel for a larger or longer-term project, the studio is also available for $250/day unstaffed – We don’t offer an hourly rate when we’re not the ones behind the curtain. Call us, and we’ll work out the details.

Can we work for two weeks non-stop if we go with the block rate?
No, but pretty close. Block sessions can run up to 12 hours each day – 10AM until 10PM – with an hour break for lunch, and an hour break for dinner. And chances are, you won’t be tracking the whole time anyway: Editing an album’s worth of drum tracks can take up to 36 hours. Mixing often requires 6-8 hours per song for the best result. So the musician’s attendance at the studio is mandatory for only five or six days during that period. Send Woods a note, and he can tell you how projects like yours have gotten the best results.

What other costs are involved beyond your rates?
None. We like to keep it simple: No backup fees, no equipment rental fees, no overtime. Everything within our walls is at your disposal for no cost beyond your rate. Exceptions exist only when you opt to bring in your own staff – And in that case, we only ask that you bring your own hard drive to organize and store your own files. If you hire on Shane or Nick to assist, we can even work around that. We have a variety of guitar and bass strings and drum heads available on-site for retail price. The soda in the fridge is complimentary. So’s the tea. Let us know how we can help.

Do you do corporate work, voiceover, or audio production for video?
Yes. We’ve done commercial work for a number of clients, and would be happy to assist your company or small business. Call us, and we can discuss options.

I’m a solo artist with songs written, but need help producing great music to back it up – Can you help?
Absolutely. Nick and Shane have a great deal of experience producing electronic music for pop and hip-hop writers, and we have a dedicated studio drummer on-hand to cover your needs that don’t involve strings or a keyboard. If you need more – a bassist adept with slap/funk/jazz, a horn section, a chamber orchestra – we have the connections to help bring the sound you’re dreaming of to life. Call us and we can talk about it.

How will my final product be delivered?
We try to operate in the digital realm as much as possible – We can deliver mixes via Dropbox at any stage in the recording process, as long as your balance with us is zero. Should you choose to have your record mastered elsewhere, we’re happy to send files directly to your chosen engineer, according to his or her specific requirements. You have a lot of options.

I’m from out of town – Where can I stay at night, and pass the time when I’m not working?
We offer free, clean, and comfortable lodging for our traveling clients in the space BPR occupied prior to our West Allis location: Four bunk beds, a bathroom, and a TV, located just across the highway from Milwaukee’s Bayview neighborhood, where you can find much of the city’s best live music, coffee, liquor, record stores, comic shops, and more. Woods has no problem acting as chauffer and tour guide when you’re in town, and can act as a travel agent if you’re flying from faraway places, or want to stay in a hotel. Let us know how you want to spend your time here, and we’ll make it happen.